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Advent of Code

Advent of Code Online

Join us in December for our local edition of the global Advent of Code challenge and improve your programming skills by helping out Santa. By registering for the challenge, you will get access to our private leaderboard and our discussion space on a private GitHub repository.

🎅 📅 🎄 What is Advent of Code:

It is not just a challenge; it's a journey into the heart of coding excitement and a global phenomenon with a long tradition in the coding community! Picture a virtual advent calendar, but instead of chocolates, you unwrap daily coding puzzles. Each day brings a new challenge that tests your problem-solving skills and coding prowess. Starting on December 1st (until Christmas), open a new coding challenge every day, designed to captivate your mind and elevate your coding skills. It's the perfect way to infuse the holiday season with a daily dose of coding delight!

Why register?

By registering for this event and sharing your GitHub username, you will be added to our GitHub discussion repository, which enables you to:

🌐 Connect with a National Network: Several institutions in the Netherlands are joining the global Advent of Code challenge in a more local setting. We will support each other during December and motivate each other in a shared discussion space in a private GitHub repository.

🤝 Collaborate and Learn: Tackle the Advent of Code challenges together! Collaborate on problem-solving strategies, share coding tips, and learn innovative techniques from fellow researchers who bring a wealth of diverse backgrounds and expertise to the table.

💡 Accelerate Your Growth: Whether you're a seasoned coding veteran or just starting your journey, our discussion board is the ideal platform to accelerate your growth. 

🔍 Ask Questions, Share Experiences: Have a coding puzzle that's stumping you? Curious about how others approached a specific Advent of Code challenge? Our discussion board is the perfect space to ask questions, seek guidance, and share your own experiences with a community.

🏆 Fuel Your Competitive Spirit: Immerse yourself in the competitive spirit of Advent of Code challenges! You can join our private leaderboard and gain eternal fame and honor.


Sunday, December 24, 2023
All Day Event
Time Zone:
Central European Time (change)
This is an online event. Event URL will be sent via registration email.
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Event Organizer

Stephanie van de Sandt
Meron Vermaas

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